Agricultural Chemicals


With an ever-increasing global population, it has become more important than ever to maximize efficiency in growing crops. Ethox's agricultural chemicals products are designed to boost productivity and maximize yields while being safe for the environment. We meet modern formulation necessities with high-grade solutions, aiding in the stability and biological performance of crop protection, green solvent, seed treatment, and fertilizer products. We have a large line of inert adjuvants that enhance the properties of a spray or pesticide.

Adjuvants are used to deliver and improve the performance of active ingredients during crop management. They can enhance physicochemical properties improving the spray solution stability or reducing application costs. The enhancements include improved wettability, adhesion, and spreading of spray droplets. This contributes to better retention, absorption, and/or penetration of the active ingredient into the plant. As a result, an increase in productivity and profitability to the farmer can be expected. Ethox specifically specializes in manufacturing surfactants used as emulsifiers, wetting / spreading agents, and compatibility agents.



Wetting Agents

Soil Wetting

Compatibility Agents

Drift Control

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